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ABOUT Ann Bertsch

Welcome! Thanks for taking a look at my samples of creative solutions
and marketing initiatives. As you’ll see, I’ve worn many different hats — 
so, I’m flexible and can perform in varied arenas.


Here’s how I approach project development:

Step 1: Focus Goals into a Solid Game Plan
• Impactful communication is a skill I’ve developed and nurtured through my personal dedication to a vision of expanding ideas and then making them real for teammates, physicians, patients and customers. Motivation to perform well and obtain positive outcomes comes from within – I look to myself first. Then, through shared responsibility with teammates, we create a clear plan and collaborate together to perform successfully.


Step 2: Exercise Experience and Leadership
• It’s been rewarding to have built teams from the very beginnings to expanding leadership and market share in the premier medical arena of Cardiac Surgery at Medtronic, Inc. and the health and wellness avenue of Nutraceuticals at Eniva, USA. It’s provided a wealth of expertise that I look forward to sharing. I find myself getting excited when it’s time to collaborate with colleagues to explore, discover and share the very best options to creatively solve a marketing “puzzle” or communications ”quest.”


Step 3: Contribute Talents and Develop Resources
• I have a special talent for being able to look at both the big picture and still be able to focus on minute details that can make all the difference to hitting a home run.  When I sit down with clients and teammates, I realize that active listening is just as important as coming up with ideas. Then, with the wish list and timing outlined, I put on the problem solver hat and figure out how to match the team’s talents with the initiatives. Having performed under pressure in many different calls of duty, I am able to combine a powerhouse of shared resources (and outsourced talent if needed) to set up our team for a successful finish.


Snapshot of Capabilities:

  • Marketing Communications Research and Brainstorming

  • Proposal Budgeting and Strategic Planing

  • Brand & Corporate Identity Development

  • Multilingual Marketing - Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, French

  • Convention and Event Management

  • Social Media and Web

  • Medical Research, Writing and Editing

  • Nutraceutical DSHEA Compliant Labeling Experience

  • Communications Writing and Editorial Expertise

  • Product Launch Campaign Research and Management

  • Art Direction and Photography

  • Creative Design - Layout through Production to Finished Product

  • Collateral Management and Workflow Coordination

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